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April 17, 2017
by ecologic and economy

While away..


incredibly challenging to stay in the minimal waste realm while on holiday.

I am sure we will do better next time.  It will take a bit of planning.

The most waste producing problem was the need to have water on the ‘run’.   I was the only one who brought a refill water bottle.  We were hiking, biking, etc and water was needed in ‘to go’ mode.  So, plastic bottles were purchased 🙁

We stayed in a vacation let.  Great to be self-catering, but next time I will bring my washing up liquid and dishwasher and washing machine soap. A small bottle of Dr. Bronners will do the trick for face, body, hand wash as well as for dishes.

It was a good exercise in what to do better next time, and I am glad that our family wants to do our best to pack and prepare so that next time we use less.


April 3, 2017
by ecologic and economy

ticking along nicely, thoughts for this week

  • working hard on the house clear
  • donating many items
  • saying “no” to gifts in plastic
  • making the choice on needed purchases based on packaging, shocking how many grocery items are in plastic
  • I will have to go to the farm shop more to pick my own produce and put into my own bag

February 26, 2017
by ecologic and economy

My first criteria for a purchase shall be how the product is packaged.

I have gone through my cupboards and these are the products I will be changing (unless they have the option of a cardboard or glass package):

laundry detergent

laundry softener – no more, will be using wool balls in the dryer.

shampoo – found a bar shampoo that works

conditioner – looking for a brand in glass and I will go to LUSH and see what they have on offer as they sell their products in totally recyclable containers.

toothpaste – I have been using baking soda (comes in a cardboard box) and peppermint oil (comes in a glass bottle); my mouth feels super clean, even first thing in the morning (upon waking).

cleaning products:  finishing what I have and switching to baking soda, white vinegar, Castile bar soaps.

so, that is what I have done this weekend and shall keep it up and have more at next posting.

Great luck this week:  making homemade chocolates

Experiment for today:  making yogurt.

Planned experiment as soon an product arrives: soy milk.

I want to thank:

Plastic-free yogurt? Well, almost. Plus ways to use whey.

great tips to make changes.

January 20, 2017
by ecologic and economy

Food choices for economy and ecology

I would like to feed my family the healthiest food: fresh, local, organic.
I try to choose items with the least amount of packaging.

I will switch products if the packaging is not acceptable.
For example: my daughter and I like protein powder, she is vegan, I am vegetarian. We like chocolate and have them as our dessert, most nights. We shall be switching brands as we have decided that the packaging our current brands is unacceptable:

January 18, 2017
by ecologic and economy

Past influence and why I shop the way I do

Having been raised by a health food guru in California, I was quite fortunate to be exposed to healthful eating at a young age. At the time, I did not feel lucky. I was an oddball child who was not allowed sweets, breakfast cereal and we had wholemeal bread! Not a popular after school snack house as we did not have Wonder Bread and Skippy Peanut Butter.

I now appreciate what I was exposed to when I ate such a diet, the people I was able to meet and the experience of the shops we had to go to. We went to food co-ops and re-filled our containers with grains, nuts, dried fruit and other items such as shampoo, conditioner and soap. We frequented a farm store for our meats, eggs and cheese. This type of shopping was considered odd to most people in the type of city we lived in at that time. I would believe that now it is not as the norm either, with most people shopping at large grocery chain stores and shopping for the best price as food prices are astronomical. This type of ‘health food’ shopping is seen by the majority of the population to be trendy and elitist.

I have made the choice to have groceries delivered as it is more environmentally friendly as well as a huge time savings and add to that the fact I VERY much do not like to grocery shop, it is the logical choice. The vans and pre-planned routes are much more economical than getting into the my automobile. We live in the country and the nearest grocery (that compares to the selection of the company I receive deliveries from which is OCADO) is 10 miles away. OCADO has an excellent range, I can source everything I need while the 3 closest groceries I can drive to do not carry all items.

January 15, 2017
by ecologic and economy

New year, new goals

I shall be celebrating the big 50 birthday this year. From this point forward I would like to turn my back on being a wasteful consumer and make the lightest imprint possible on the planet. This blog shall keep me accountable.

I have a lovely card with a saying on it “take only memories, leaving nothing but footprints,” shows that statement to have been made by Chief Seattle, Suquamish 1786 – 1866. I would like to incorporate that statement into all that I do and I hope I can get others to join me, especially my family.

Most people who know me would think that I already live my life thoughtfully: I recycle, eat healthy foods, organic and produced locally when possible. I take good care of myself with the proper exercise, diet and positive living. I am concerned with news, politics, technology and how it is fitting into our lives.

I WANT TO DO MUCH MORE. I will do much more.

Our largest bill is food. This is where I shall begin.