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New year, new goals


I shall be celebrating the big 50 birthday this year. From this point forward I would like to turn my back on being a wasteful consumer and make the lightest imprint possible on the planet. This blog shall keep me accountable.

I have a lovely card with a saying on it “take only memories, leaving nothing but footprints,” shows that statement to have been made by Chief Seattle, Suquamish 1786 – 1866. I would like to incorporate that statement into all that I do and I hope I can get others to join me, especially my family.

Most people who know me would think that I already live my life thoughtfully: I recycle, eat healthy foods, organic and produced locally when possible. I take good care of myself with the proper exercise, diet and positive living. I am concerned with news, politics, technology and how it is fitting into our lives.

I WANT TO DO MUCH MORE. I will do much more.

Our largest bill is food. This is where I shall begin.

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