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Past influence and why I shop the way I do


Having been raised by a health food guru in California, I was quite fortunate to be exposed to healthful eating at a young age. At the time, I did not feel lucky. I was an oddball child who was not allowed sweets, breakfast cereal and we had wholemeal bread! Not a popular after school snack house as we did not have Wonder Bread and Skippy Peanut Butter.

I now appreciate what I was exposed to when I ate such a diet, the people I was able to meet and the experience of the shops we had to go to. We went to food co-ops and re-filled our containers with grains, nuts, dried fruit and other items such as shampoo, conditioner and soap. We frequented a farm store for our meats, eggs and cheese. This type of shopping was considered odd to most people in the type of city we lived in at that time. I would believe that now it is not as the norm either, with most people shopping at large grocery chain stores and shopping for the best price as food prices are astronomical. This type of ‘health food’ shopping is seen by the majority of the population to be trendy and elitist.

I have made the choice to have groceries delivered as it is more environmentally friendly as well as a huge time savings and add to that the fact I VERY much do not like to grocery shop, it is the logical choice. The vans and pre-planned routes are much more economical than getting into the my automobile. We live in the country and the nearest grocery (that compares to the selection of the company I receive deliveries from which is OCADO) is 10 miles away. OCADO has an excellent range, I can source everything I need while the 3 closest groceries I can drive to do not carry all items.

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