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My first criteria for a purchase shall be how the product is packaged.


I have gone through my cupboards and these are the products I will be changing (unless they have the option of a cardboard or glass package):

laundry detergent

laundry softener – no more, will be using wool balls in the dryer.

shampoo – found a bar shampoo that works

conditioner – looking for a brand in glass and I will go to LUSH and see what they have on offer as they sell their products in totally recyclable containers.

toothpaste – I have been using baking soda (comes in a cardboard box) and peppermint oil (comes in a glass bottle); my mouth feels super clean, even first thing in the morning (upon waking).

cleaning products:  finishing what I have and switching to baking soda, white vinegar, Castile bar soaps.

so, that is what I have done this weekend and shall keep it up and have more at next posting.

Great luck this week:  making homemade chocolates

Experiment for today:  making yogurt.

Planned experiment as soon an product arrives: soy milk.

I want to thank:

Plastic-free yogurt? Well, almost. Plus ways to use whey.

great tips to make changes.

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