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While away..



incredibly challenging to stay in the minimal waste realm while on holiday.

I am sure we will do better next time.  It will take a bit of planning.

The most waste producing problem was the need to have water on the ‘run’.   I was the only one who brought a refill water bottle.  We were hiking, biking, etc and water was needed in ‘to go’ mode.  So, plastic bottles were purchased 🙁

We stayed in a vacation let.  Great to be self-catering, but next time I will bring my washing up liquid and dishwasher and washing machine soap. A small bottle of Dr. Bronners will do the trick for face, body, hand wash as well as for dishes.

It was a good exercise in what to do better next time, and I am glad that our family wants to do our best to pack and prepare so that next time we use less.


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